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      I`m Your Man (Kor Ver.)

      I`m Your Man (Kor Ver.)


      Album: Go Crazy

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      2PM - I`m Your Man (Kor Ver.) Música y Letra

      I’m your man
      I’m your man
      Baby I’m your man man I’m your man
      Please believe me Please be with me
      You say that we’re not meant to be
      As you say that you’re leaving me
      You’re gonna regret it, you’re gonna come back, so why’re you doing this
      Why don’t you know yet?
      I’ll tell you once more, listen
      Even if it’s hard, hold onto me
      Don’t let go of my hand, don’t listen to anyone else
      Only believe in me till the end
      Baby I’m your man, don’t you know yet?
      (I’m your man)
      The person next to you doesn’t know you
      (I’m your man)
      You’ll come back to me in the end
      The place for you to be is here
      The guy standing out the door in front of you
      I know he won’t put you through hardships like I do
      But still, he doesn’t know you
      He can’t make you laugh like me
      He can’t make you cry over a letter like me
      When you’re sad, I can comfort you deep in your heart with my songs
      You know he can’t do that
      There’s no one else who knows you better than me
      You’re my girl
      Baby I’m your man, for you, it’s me
      I’m the best for you
      Whoever else you meet, he’ll be the same
      My girl is you and your man is me
      How much more time do you need
      (Baby we’re meant to be)
      To know?
      That no one else can love you like I do

      2PM - I`m Your Man (Kor Ver.) Música y Letra




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