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      Again & Again (Remix)

      Again & Again (Remix)


      Album: Member's Selection

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      2PM - Again & Again (Remix) Música y Letra

      I can’t live without you
      Don’t leave me baby
      I can’t live without you
      Don’t leave me baby
      I can’t go anywhere outside because the rain is falling
      The tears I held back are flowing
      We’re sitting across each other without saying anything
      Only pressing down our aching hearts
      It feels like it will end like this
      It seems like the rain will stop soon
      Be with me a little longer
      It’s a relief that it’s raining, it’s been raining all day
      When this rain stops
      You will leave me
      It’s still raining
      Please don’t stop
      If only we can be in the same place
      That’s enough for me
      I’m still loving you
      Rain is falling out the window
      You and I are facing each other
      This is the end, I can’t hold onto you
      Just like the bright sunset becoming the cold darkness
      Hold on, I need you more, your beautiful face
      Your eyes that look right through me
      Your smile every time we meet
      Is dark like the outside right now, I’m afraid
      The image of you leaving fades with the falling rain
      When I see you for the last time
      Rain falls from my eyes
      The sky knows how I feel
      Hold her back, cry for me a little more
      I can’t let her go even if I die
      Hide away my pitiful self in the rain
      Like this forever
      It’s raining on my face, silently falling
      When the flowing tears stop
      Will you leave me then?
      Your heart has left a deep scar
      Rain wells up in it and it feels like my breath will stop
      It’s still raining, I can’t let you go, loving you

      2PM - Again & Again (Remix) Música y Letra



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