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      Ultra Lover (Remix)

      Ultra Lover (Remix)


      Album: Republic Of 2PM

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      2PM - Ultra Lover (Remix) Música y Letra

      Yo ready
      So beautiful night
      On a night like today, my heart shakes
      I feel my heart fluttering for reasons I don’t know
      I look at the stars out the window, my eyes look at you
      Now I want to hold you
      No way, no way, I can’t let you go today
      No way, go away, I won’t ever let go of your hand
      I’ve dreamed of a night like tonight
      I can’t lose a single moment
      I get drunk off the sweet scent of your breath
      It’s about you and me, you and I, forever
      Yo let me love you
      On a day like today, everything looks good
      I’m feeling courageous for reasons I don’t know
      I see the wind outside the window and my heart shakes too
      I will go to you carefully
      Oh Beautiful Night
      Tonight is so long
      My wallet is always empty in order to have you
      One & Two & Three & Four
      This time is such a big fantasy for me
      Hey just like you and me
      I’m gonna be alright
      Everything will go my way
      I’ll surprise you in secret
      Wanna play with me in secret?
      In our own time together, alright
      (I wanna be with you)
      I will show you my heart

      2PM - Ultra Lover (Remix) Música y Letra



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