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      Kbou Nake

      Kbou Nake

      Aikawa Nanase

      Album: Return To ZERO

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      Aikawa Nanase - Kbou Nake Música y Letra

      Trei cruci de lemn, trei cruci enorme de lemn
      Vopsite cu trei culori, pazesc pe marginea soselei
      Fintina celor... crediciosi!
      Trei cruci pe marginea soselei cu gesturi largi de miini bolnave
      Opresc din drum pe calatori si parca-s trei spinzuratori
      De care atirna trei cristoi...
      Intr-o zi impinsi de-acelasi funerar indemn
      Ca dou-armate puse una-n fata alteia
      Cumintii se-ntilnira cu nebunii
      Copiii mortilor de miine se-ntilnira cu parintii...
      "Si-armatele-ncepura lupta la umbra crucilor de lemn
      Deoparte flutura stindardul credintei... alb... curat..."
      ...Ca albul cel curat, al florilor de nufar
      Iar tricolorul nebuniei, inchis cu grija-n cite-in cufar
      De craniu omenesc...
      Sta gata sa se desfasoare la cea dintii ingenuncheare
      A albului domnesc...
      Insa-n ziu-aceea cerul innegrit de fum parea
      Un tavan de catedrala ce se naruia
      "Iar fumul din clopotnitele-aprinse deschidea-n albastrul:"
      Drumul altui fum, mai greu, mai negru si-albastrul
      Si-n ziu-aceea cerul innegrit de fum parea
      Un tavan de catedrala ce se naruia
      Si multimea-nspaimintata, spre clopotnitele-aprinse
      Se-ndrumeaza grupuri, grupuri, cei cuminti privesc plingind
      Pling ca resturile unei armate-nvinse, iar nebunul sta deoparte
      Si zimbeste... fredonind:
      "Iar tricolorul nebuniei adapostea pe-nvingatori!!!"
      [English translate: Banner Of Blasphemy]
      Three wooden crosses
      Three huge crosses of wood
      Painted with three colors
      On the margin of the road
      Guarding the fountain of the believers
      Three crosses
      On the margin of the road
      With gestures made by morbid hands
      They hinder wanderers whilst passing
      Like three gallows on holy lands
      Where three christians are hanging...
      Inclined by a funeral stir
      On a fatal sky, so blur
      Like two armies enticed to war
      The mad have fallen upon the brave
      The children of 'morrows dead
      Their parents had met
      In the shade of the wooden crosses
      The armies began their battle
      Aside... the banner of creedance flattered
      White and clean
      Like the cleanest white men have seen
      And the blasphemic flag of madness
      Safely embedded in each human skull
      Was ready to unfold at the first
      Subjugation of the royal white
      On the same day, blackened by fumes
      The heavens seem to be the ceiling
      Of a collapsing cathedral, bleeding
      And the fumes of the burning steeples
      Opened in the celestial blue
      The way of another fume
      Blacker, heavier, and the blue
      Has become black, too
      So the horrified people
      Hasten to the burning steeples
      The brave behold whilst crying
      Like the remnants of a defeated army
      And the madmen stay aside
      Grinning and humming: Blasphemy
      And the tricolor of madness was sheltering
      The conquerors!

      Aikawa Nanase - Kbou Nake Música y Letra



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