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      Show Me What You Got

      Show Me What You Got


      Album: Next World

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      BoA - Show Me What You Got Música y Letra

      It doesn't matter if it is slow or fast
      The beat is for us to feel,
      Our choice is always for real
      It doesn't matter what type of color it is
      One thing that girls want to know,
      Is the way to go
      Formality, you may like it probably
      Life is here, here to stay
      Monsieur dj,
      We're gonna ask him to play
      Track would be a funky beat for all the fellows
      We'd be doin' nothin' but girl's things and
      For the ecstatika that we are
      Better not to wait,
      Don't make things so complicated
      Show me what you got
      Baby, tell me if it's hot
      I can feel the heat from the depth of your heart
      Show me what you got
      Baby, give me if it's cool
      All the girls, ready to turn you on
      It doesn't matter if it's tiny or huge
      Guess what you have inside you,
      The massive one which i knew
      It doesn't matter where you're from or who you are
      One thing we ask you is that,
      Why don't you come together?
      Now it's the time,
      I wanna see all of your dance
      Full on the floor and move your body
      Nights are so long, you should not be alone
      Tonight's gonna be a party, the beat goes on
      Pass me the microphone,
      Wicked mc's hittin' the tone
      Now my dj turn the bass on
      At the party, everybody is lookin' for the best match
      The lovely vibe that you can touch, oh baby
      Through the night til the beat goes breaking down
      Close your eyes in the precious moment
      And listen to your heartbeats
      Baby, now you can realize what you got inside
      Oh yeah, the girls come and sing like this

      BoA - Show Me What You Got Música y Letra



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