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      Black Rose

      Black Rose

      The Rose

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      The Rose - Black Rose Música y Letra

      Hello, I'm callin'
      Follow me under the rain
      We're fallin' through the painful throws
      Again and again
      I'm drowning below the shallow water
      But you took my hand and you pulled me aside
      I thank you always that you saved me from tears
      Again and again
      나의 아픔은
      너의 상처가 뒤어
      빨갛던 장미꽃잎이
      검게 물들어요
      (My pain becomes your scars
      The rose petals that were once red
      Dyed black)
      마지막 꽃잎이 떨어져도
      언제까지나 널 지켜줄게
      날 살게해준 너의 그 한마디
      정말 고마워요
      (Even if the last petal falls
      I'll protect you forever
      That word of yours that made me live
      Thank you very much.)
      Tell me it's okay
      Don't be afraid
      Nobody can take away, take away
      Love is thе way
      Don't you be afraid
      Don't you be afraid
      Now don't be afraid
      Hеllo 조금 멀어진
      우리 걱정말아요
      (Hello. A little further away
      Don't worry about us.)

      The Rose - Black Rose Música y Letra



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